Shipping Information


Due to the current Worldwide Pandemic we have no control over any shipping  delays that may occur due to Country border controls and flight cancellations. 

We are working overtime to ensure that all orders are made and shipped on time.

Thank you for your understanding.

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We treat each order as our first, so will make all efforts to get your order delivered as soon as possible.

Estimated Shipping Times for our Free Standard Shipping 

(Please note that shipping delays are out of our control)

Optional Express Shipping is Available - Please Email Us for a Quote

Orders may be split due to warehouse stock availability

  • USA: 10-20 Days - VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • Canada: 15-25 Days - VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • Australia: 10-20 Days - VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • New Zealand: 10-20 Days - VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • United Kingdom: 15-25 Days VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • Russia: 15-30 Days VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • EU Countries: 15-20 Days VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • Mexico/Brazil: 15-30 Days VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 
  • International: 15-30 Day VIRUS DELAY 1-2MONTH 

*Shipping times are only estimates
[Calculated in business days]