Stainless Steel -3 Straight Brake Swivel Teflon Hose Ends - 2Pcs/Lot

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2PCS/LOT Stainless Steel AN3 to AN -3 Straight Brake Swivel Teflon Hose Ends 


2 PCS  only Hose Fitting - Swivel Hose End
  • AN3 (Dash -3) Hose to AN3 (Dash -3) Straight
  • Olive style compression fitting suits high pressure SS braided line (Teflon) hose
  • Fuel Comparability: Petrol, Diesel/ E85/Ethanol
  • Type:Swivel Hose End
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Angle:Straight
  • Connection A:AN3 (Dash -3)
  • Connection B:AN3 (Dash -3)
  • Anodized finish:Silver
Applications when used in conjunction with the AN-3 Teflon line Hose:
Brake Lines, Clutch Lines, Fuel Systems, Turbo oil feed Hose, Coolant Systems, Oil Pressure Systems, Gauge lines & Power Steering. Compatibility: Brake Fluids, Unleaded Petrol, Methanol, Water, & Oil. Ideal for use with Unleaded fuel
*No installation Tool & No instruction is Included, Professional Installation is Recommended*

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