Exhaust Control Valve Dual Set W Remote Cutout Control For 2.5" 63mm Pipe 2 Sets

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Exhaust Control Valve Dual Set w Remote Cutout Control  For 2.5" 63mm Pipe 2 sets 
The Exhaust valve control module is a complete plug-n-play controller designed for BMW that allows you to remotely open and close the vacuum operated exhaust valve. The solution is simple: create a high performance, quality built product with variable exhaust sound and performance. Including necessary hardware for fitment, and there is no cutting, soldering, welding, or fixing required.
The drivers uses this valve to control sound when optimum performance is not needed. When the valve is closed, the exhaust is in quiet mode. When fully opened, the exhaust system is in maximum flow mode and therefore the sound of your exhaust is louder. Many Car owners want a more performance oriented sound from their exhaust without being annoying. After the 30 minute installation, Exhaust valve control
allows the owner to open & close the valve. Compatible with all exhaust systems (OEM or aftermarket) that retain the factory E.V.C control.
- Full control over Exhaust Valve Control at the touch of a steering wheel button
- Open/Close Exhaust Valve at any time and instantly
- Even on cold starting, flaps can be opened (not possible with OEM / M- Menu)
- Delete-R function
- Easy 30-minute installation process with no wire cutting
- Completely removable at any time
Exhaust Valve Fit for 2" /2.25" / 2.5" / 2.75" / 3"Exhaust Piping (Not A Direct Bolt On Item)
please chose correct size before your order
Exhaust Valve D51   Fit  2"  Piping
Exhaust Valve D60   Fit  2.25"  Piping
Exhaust Valve D63  Fit  2.5"  Piping
Exhaust Valve D70  Fit  2.75"  Piping
Exhaust Valve D76  Fit  3"  Piping
2 x Electric exhaust cut out with Dual Valve
2 x Wireless Remote
1 x Wire Harness
1 x Electric Control Box
Models Supported:
For BMW E82/E88 1-Series (2004-2012)
For BMW F2X 2-Series 2014+
For BMW F3X 3-Series 2012+
For BMW F3X 4-Series 2014+
For BMW F1x 5-Series 2011+
For BMW F8X M3/M4 2015+
Also could fit other car For Honda.For Toyota.For Ford,please check the size before order.

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