80mm Tachometer Gauge

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This GAUGE Tachometer  Display is  0 -11,000 RPM

80mm 7 color  Tachometer gauge
- 3.75" = 80mm
- LED Backlight
- Opening Ceremony and Ending mode
- Needle self Calibration
- High precision Stepper Motor
- Fast Needle response
- Aluminum Bezels 
- Display:0-10.000RPM
- Easy quick connect pin-style wiring
7 color illumination to match your Interior lighting best.
Programmable Color and mode (Tach /Set) Shifting during Operations
Controller button changes the color of the gauge, and sets warning for the gauge. Right button is the peak recall. The settings of the gauges can be programmed.
Only designed for used with 1-10 cylinder engines 

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