Universal Aluminum 15" X 11" X 4.5" Bar & Plate Front Mount Water-To-Air Intercooler Inlet/Outlet: 2.5"

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Model Name: TT-SL5048

Special Features: Universal

Item Height: 4.5 inch

Item Width: 11 inch

Item Diameter: 2.5 inch

Year: all

Item Weight: 7.5 kg

External Testing Certification: ISO9001

Material Type: Aluminum

Displacement: all

Item Length: 15 inch

Item Type: Cooling System

No. of Cylinders: ALL

No. of Cylinders: ALL

Title: Water-to-Air Intercooler

Application: Turbo application

max horsepower capacity: up to 900HP

Core design: Bar&amp


Air Inlet / outlet siz: 2.5"

Package: 1 pcs Turbo intercooler

Water-to-air intercooler: Yes

Aluminum Intercooler: Yes

air-to-air intercooler: no

Fitting for water Inlet/outlet: 1/2"NPT

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